Ever After High: Ashlynn Ella's Story

Ever After High: Ashlynn Ella's Story Summary

Join Ashlynn Ella, daughter of Cinderella, as her woodland friends help her get ready for her Legacy Year at school, where she will train for her destiny to marry a prince. But what if she meets the woodsman of her dreams instead? Read all about it in this exclusive Ever After High short story by Newbery Honor author Shannon Hale.

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1287436 girls rul

Good5 star

This is the best book but really needs to be longer I’m going to give this book a 5/5 because it’s a good story55


Lenght3 star

It was good but too short.35


Mildly interesting but needs work.2 star

I was reading the book, and was only slightly immersed in it. I was disappointed about, well, everything.25

I love hacing fun

Very settling5 star

The story shows how nervous she is about going to Ever After High. Like me and a new school year.55


Why is it so short?4 star

It's only one chapter! I would not do that because people don't want to read only a 12 page book! Overall good, put in like 20 chapters! Like your other books well not the other story books like the story of raven queen.45


Good amazing but....4 star

It could be longer I was expecting more pages then it just cut off! But good book45


Awesome5 star


$wag girl 894

Terrible5 star

What in the world is this book?!? TERRIBLE!55

Stary fox

Ashlen Ella's story5 star

Love the book55

Nae - Nae

Ashlynn Ella5 star

It's so much better if it will read it to the person .55

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