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Read Aloud version of beloved classic fairy tale. Retold and beautifully illustrated. Read and listen at the same time. This classic fairy tale is a cautionary story about making promises you don’t want to keep. A miller’s daughter must spin straw into gold for the king. She despairs, but an ugly little man appears who makes a deal with her. He will spin the straw into gold for her, for a price. A year later, the miller’s daughter is now the queen, and the little man returns for his price: her firstborn child. Will the queen guess the man’s name and win her daughter back, or will she have to pay a terrible price for the straw spun into gold? This charming fairy tale is beautifully illustrated to delight the young at heart of all ages.

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This is cringe3 star

My queen, this is what I heard him sing “fire burn oven bake a merry feast it will make. “That Rumpelstiltskin is my name.. in my opinion that was really cringe 😬..35


👍😺😀👩🏻4 star

I love this book so much because I feel like the characters in the story never gave up45


Good Book5 star

I loved it!55


This was so FUN!!5 star

What’s the moral of the story you ask? Well- THERE BOTH GREATY! 😌✌️ case closed (btw BEST STIRY EVA!)55

Allan & Katrina

Nice story!5 star

Keep up the good work!55


Exceptional5 star

I liked it except for the fact that Rumplstiltskin popped up from the floor.55


HAAAA!5 star

I made the book read for me and it said ugly little man oh an I’m a kid promise55


good book!!4 star

i like it!45


Awesome5 star

I love this book.55


Rumplestiltskin1 star

Amazing really cought 😃😍👧💙💚💛💜💝💖💗💗🔷🔷🔷15

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