The Merman King's Bride: A Fairytale Romance

The Merman King's Bride: A Fairytale Romance Summary

A twist in the tale of the beast with a rugged merman and a princess who isn't sure she wants to save him... at first!

A cursed King of Faerie

A princess betrothed to a man she doesn't love

A kiss that will change everything...

The last thing Princess Selina expects to find in the lake in the woods is a handsome merman. His name is Adar and he saves her, teases her, kisses her, and tells her she could break his curse.

Because, as it turns out, he's a Fae King, cursed to remain in merman form until he finds a princess to kiss him.

But one kiss is not enough and Selina has other problems.

Such getting engaged to a prince she isn't sure she even likes, let alone loves. Marrying him and having his children is not on her list of favorite things.

And now she's falling for the merman.

He's everything she could wish for in a man. Handsome, protective, kind. Except that he is Fae. And has a fishtail.

Still, she can't stop thinking about him. Keeps going back to him. Craves his kisses.

Would gladly have his babies.

Is this a spell, or is it love? Can she break the curse and save Adar? Will there be a happy ending to their story?

All a girl can do is try. After all, true love is worth fighting for and Selina knows she has found it.

*This book is standalone novella-length NA romance fantasy. It is inspired by Little Mermaid and The Frog Prince.*

This book was previously published as "The Opal Tower".

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