The Three Little Pigs

The Three Little Pigs Summary

A twist on the traditional tale The Three Little Pigs.  This version is retold using rhyme making it fun and easy for children to read.

Book Reviews


Great book for kids!!!5 star

This book is great for kids! I have a daughter but she doesn’t have any books. And because of COVID, she can’t go to the library.55

Derrick White

Very good5 star

Very entertaining and good I really enjoyed the rug part! 😂🎀😍💖55


Good book5 star

I like this book55


Three Little Pigs4 star

Cute story.45

ice-y bear

Meh1 star

It was ok. DEFINITELY not the best but I kinda liked that it rimed but seriously did you have to turn the wolf into a rug. This book is harsh and not good.15

Sumaya Abdinoor

I trusted this book for some reason and now I regret.1 star

Imma just go sleep now. 👁👄👁15

The Unknown Friend

Too short2 star

This book was too short with no twist! You even have excess paper you could’ve used!25


The three little pigs rating5 star

I really love it because the third pig is smart like me and the Big bad wolf Got what he deserved.55


I really trusted this book ;-;”1 star

Hey I’m gonna go play roblox instead :D 👁👄👁15


The three little pigs with a twist1 star

I thought it was boring add more detail15

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