The Three Little Pigs

The Three Little Pigs Summary

A twist on the traditional tale The Three Little Pigs.  This version is retold using rhyme making it fun and easy for children to read.

Book Reviews


The three little pigs with a twist1 star

I thought it was boring add more detail15


Too scary4 star

It looks like more the original story of the three pigs but in the original story the two brothers die like the wolf! Give this book to a 8-14 years old child45


Bad ending1 star

Too harsh and too much for children15

Jonah's cool dude

Make it longer.3 star

Cool but I don't like how its short and not long35


not a good book2 star

I didn’t like it at all and that’s mean to turn the wolf in to a rug.25


I was funny and and ... I do not know what else5 star



...1 star


kaylee edd

Strange1 star

I feel like it’s15


This… is a twist… with a twist! Amazing!5 star

Ya’ll are the best. This book… is a TWIST with a TWIST! Bloody awesome!55


Catfish1 star

Not a three little pigs story with a twist. I would give it 0 stars if I could.15

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