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The Tortoise and the Hare - Read Aloud Summary

This classic fable tells the story of what happens when we try to rush and don’t take things slow and steady. The tortoise and the hare decide to race. The hare is convinced that he is going to win because he can run so much faster than the tortoise. But the hare is too confident in his speed and goes off the path, thinking he has plenty of time still to finish the race. Will the hare make up for the time he lost, or will the tortoise prove that “slow and steady wins the race?” This beautifully illustrated fable from Aesop comes down through the centuries to teach us an important lesson about steadiness.

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azalea khloe best friends

Great5 star



The tortoise and Hare Readaloud5 star

I couldn’t get the read aloud to work but what I needed was the original story and this was helpful.55


It’s a really good and fun title4 star

It was a really good book funny and it had a lesson to learn. Slow and steady always wins the race.45


nice5 star

its a regular book :] <355

Cupcakes Rainbow Star

Really good5 star

I think it is very good because it explains very well and tell a lot about the story and where it first starts off and ends. It has a very good ending. I also, really liked the park when it had said “Slow and Steady always wins the race”. That is very funny in common, and some day I would love to do that. When I first read the story I actually didn’t know that would happen. I think it was amazing and cool. Because of like how the story goes and it has very good details and you learn a lesson for not bragging!55

isthisbook good

Smart3 star

I like this book because it tells me and my sisters to take our time and not to race because then we will never get the job done right (slow and steady wins the race).35

Miss. South

The Tortoise and the Hare5 star

Well written and read my class enjoyed this book. :)55


Tortise and hare5 star

Tortise and the hare is a great book and teaches a life lesson55


Terrible Ending3 star

Turtle crosses the finish line and there is no real closing for application with children or aspects that would allow smooth transition for discussion.35

Fadi Al-Refaee

Well written, but still has a few mistakes in narration and text spacing.4 star

Would also be nice to have different voices for the different characters. Can be monotonous at times.45

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