Family Forever

Family Forever Summary

Join Julia's whole family for a day in the park with friends! Major Support Provided by American Greetings and Generous Support Provided by Kristen Rohr.

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Loved5 star

Was a really great book.55

sssniper dog

Awwwwwwwwwwww!5 star


Pug Lord 🌭

Adorable book5 star

I love elmo 😍55


Great book to show other kids how to interact with Autistic Children5 star

My child is Autistic an uses an AAC device like Julia. This book does a decent job at introducing Julia’s Autistic characteristics. I like how her big brother picked a game he knew his sister enjoyed and was good at. This is the type of book I would gift my nephews and close family friends so they can learn from the characters in this book. It’s a shame other parents didn’t see the value in this book.55

Globalstandard Space

Not so bad.3 star


Christina Tran 🦋🌸

Sorry1 star

I did not liked this book because it had no sesame Street friends15


What is this!?1 star

This book is so different from Sesame Street, it’s like it’s not even FROM Sesame Street. This book only showed julia. And no Elmo. No Cookie Monster, no rosita, no Ernie, no big bird, no Grover, no Abby, no baby bear, no Bert, no Oscar, no Telly, no snuffy, no Murray, and no Zoe. Those are the main characters of Sesame Street. And they are not in this. Just different looks of muppets. And that is not good. They kinda look like different characters from a different show. what a waste of time. Don’t read it to your kids, they’ll get bored and think it’s not a Sesame Street book. GET RID OF IT. I REFUSE!!!15


Awesome5 star

Great book with great lesson!55

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