God's Plan for Happy Marriage

God's Plan for Happy Marriage Summary

There really are “keys” and time-tested principles that can help produce truly happy marriages!  Success in marriage depends upon our willingness to use these keys in our own lives.

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Great information5 star

Very informative. I have been married 5 years and this is information I will carry with me until death do us part. I feel this is a short book that all married couples should take out the time to read. It goes over the main challenges of being married and what you could do as a married couple to over come them.55


Good advice4 star

This book is short and to the point. I don’t like to read a lot of “fluff” that people put in books to make the book longer or seem like it’s good because of all the extra “words”. This book gives you the base principles of marriage, something your pastor should’ve told you during counseling if you have done spiritual counseling. Anyone can benefit from the advice in this book even if you only need a little bit of advice. It quotes scripture and provides a meaning of the scripture. Most of what is mentioned I have heard before, but most of the time you need to hear God’s words over and over to remind you of what you should be doing or what you should start doing!45


Thank you!5 star

Very helpful. It allows me to have a deep and better understanding on how to be a Godly wife. Thank you..55

Newlywed Wife of 3

Encouraging4 star

I enjoyed reading this book. It opened my eyes to the way God intended marriage to be an where me and my Neely husband can change and better things for our family and near future.45


Great read5 star

Really great book very good informational quotes and verses55

Jekyl overtime

Loved it !!!!5 star

Great read for a young married person like myself. I really enjoyed the bible quotes and motivation to keep my marriage protected with God ahead and in the core of my marriage.55


Blessedlady755 star

I enjoyed this book immensely! This book was very simple and to the point. This book was filled with scripture that relates directly to marriage in every aspect and has helped me to continue to learn how to enrich my union with the man God had blessed me with.55

Olivia Benson

Great5 star

Very thankful for this book!55


Great help for our marriage!5 star

This booklet has so much good information to help us maintain a happy marriage. I highly recommend it to anyone married or engaged or even dating.55

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