Mom's Jobs

Mom's Jobs Summary

Mom's Jobs was written to honor and thank all moms for all of their hard work. For a child, no job title is greater than "MOM," the one who takes care of them. Multi-talented people, moms deserve this joyful tribute of a book! This 25 page conversation-in-a-story could be any two children talking about their fantastic mom. The bouncy and colorful illustrations represent some career possibilities that all moms have; children from 2 and up and dads too will have an enjoyable time reading this delightful tribute. This book is also a perfect starter for Mother's Day activities, mom's birthday, Women's History Month, or any kind of day that celebrates moms! Enjoy this book and be sure to let the mom in your life know how appreciated she is!

Book Reviews


Great book!5 star

Great book for young readers. The illustrations really get the message across.55


Mom's Jobs5 star

Adorable book Casey! It captures mom's jobs to a 't!' You have your Mom's gift!55

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