Texting Appeal

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So, you've met that special someone and gotten his/her number. You stare at your phone's blank screen and wonder, what the heck do I write?

Can't think of the right thing to say to flirt and increase interest? Are you not getting the responses you want, when you want them? When you text, are you Funny? Sexy? Challenging? Interesting? Engaging? Fun? Are you worried that your text conversations are becoming boring or predictable? Not sure how to create attraction with your texts?
You only have one chance to make the right first impression. Sending the wrong message can kill attraction and stop a relationship dead in its tracks. If your texts are boring, needy, or inappropriate, you WILL NOT get the responses you want.

Follow the examples in Texting Appeal to improve your texting skills and create better, more enticing texts. Learn how to use texting to create and maintain attraction by adapting our sample texts to your own needs. Understand how to use humor, creativity and timing to create texts that intrigue and attract your target.

Texting Appeal provides a wealth of texting examples for you to mirror. With over 150 dialogues, texting dos and don'ts, and model texts from a wide variety of dating situations, Texting Appeal holds your hand and walks you through the creation of playful, interesting and attractive texts.

Buy Texting Appeal and learn from dating professionals how to initiate challenging banter that will entertain and keep your target coming back for more. Create fun, engaging texts, increase and maintain attraction, and get the responses you want.

Book Reviews

Scanning V

Just skim it2 star

Maybe you’ll pick up some funny lines or insights here and there. Doesn’t seem like something to take as absolute, since what is offputting to one might be perfect for another, and vice versa.25

The boss20

Total bore!!!1 star

Total waste of time!!!!!!!!! Do not buy!!!!!!15


Buy a pack of bubble gum instead1 star

This book is a WASTE of time!! DO NOT BUY!!! If you have enough common sense you can do this all on your own without spending $3.00 and 1 hour of your life. Google will teach you more than this book!15

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