That Worked!

That Worked! Summary

"Sister always wants the same things that I have. How can I work this out?"
A short story told from a child's perspective, that encourages kids to think about working out this problem in a positive way.

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Awesome5 star

Good book55

Ellie parton

Good book5 star

This is a good book I think it teaches children to not tattle on other kids and to solve their own problems✋🏽55

Teacher Mrs. D.

Problem-solving made simple5 star

This is a concise story of how one young person solves his problem on his own after trying to enlist his mom’s help. He is persistent and reflective. This is a great example for all children.55


That sucked1 star

That book sucked it must have been for a two year old!!!!!15


thanks5 star

my daughter and son in joyed this book and now they don't fight so much55


Did the interns make this?1 star

This book was very poorly made. You cannot look at the picture and read the words at the same time. I guess I can expect anything less but amateurish for something that's free. It did ensure that I wouldn't buy any of the other books in this series.15


Sweet5 star

Loving, kind, calm communication usually works. Xoxo :-)55


;)5 star

I will read this book to my older child!55

kirenia haces

That worked3 star

That wored is a grate book for kids cause it shows them how to share35

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