The Day I Stopped Waiting For You

The Day I Stopped Waiting For You Summary

This book is a collection of poems and short stories about romance, longing, the death and the revival of love and waiting for the one.


is the day I died.

and had to be reborn. But this time I ate your food, I grew up with your heroes and I honored your God. 

And if I meet you now, it would be me breaking your heart. "

Book Reviews

Cyera Luci

Absolutely amazing5 star

This book is so meaningful and speaks to me as a woman. I loved it !55

Therese Lloyd

Great short read!5 star

Read it in about 10 minutes so it’s a short one but really good! Stirred up a lot of emotion in me.55


life5 star

i’m going through something similar at the moment and this made me see things through a different point of view so thank you55


Great boom5 star

I cried currently going through a break up and I felt every word55

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