You May Kiss The Bride. God's Manual On Marriage.

You May Kiss The Bride. God's Manual On Marriage. Summary

God's manual for marriage. Because God doesn't want you to fight with your spouse. He loves you. So read and learn. After all, God's people are in bondage because they have no knowledge. Gain the knowledge, and free yourself from the bondage of marital struggles.

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Poor interpretation and perspective1 star

Hits on some true points in a very negative and unsupported way, exemplifying his own criticisms and warnings. Has one good overall point for marriage with questionable supportive opinions.15

woodrow road

Great book5 star

Spiritual warfare: begins in the mind. And this book reminds me that i am listening and even as a slave doing and been I bonds to. The Law of God is my day to day, moment by moment I live. Thanks for your book and ministry55


Kiss the bride5 star

Great book. Can be applied to many different challenges. You will Definitely feel empowered by the end. Glory to God!55


Off topic.2 star

Okay, so it was a good spiritual read. Definitely thought provoking. Gave it a 2 bc it had, maybe, a paragraph pertaining to marriage. The spelling and grammar was horrendous, also. Someone definitely did not proof read!25


ConfusiĆ³n1 star

Do not like15


I enjoyed this and think you will too.5 star

This book helped me understand more and I now think that reading my Bible I will understand his will for me to comprehend it better.55

Monkeytowers (xbox live)

Ugh1 star

Geez, if you need advice on marriage, get it from someone who can actually give you it, and someone who can give you it well.15


You may kiss the bride1 star

I appreciate the biblical truths and gospel message but very little was given to the topic if marriage.15


What?1 star

While this did have usefully info I found it to be the same old tired book. It was completely off subject. It was supposed to be about marriage and instead was all about once again the spiritual battle between God and satan and who's controlling our minds. Yes, there is a battle, yes, we know!! We got it in the last five books that all say the same thing but don't give insight or information or anything useful on the subjects they promise by title to be about. Now if they came out with something good on a subject I would probably ignore it based on the last five.15

Ryan Eversole

You may kiss the bride.4 star

I was mostly reading this book to gain insight on overcoming parenting issues between spouses. My eyes were opened to something new. I now have a new knowledge of wisdom and I have already seen a breakthrough in my own anger issues! Praise be to God and a big thank you to the makers of the book for writing it and freely sharing!45

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