Dream Big, Stella!

Dream Big, Stella! Summary

“I read this in one sitting and NEVER WANTED IT TO END. It was completely charming, totally realistic and heavy with family drama and characters that burst with depth and heart.”

Stella believes her biological father to be a nameless, faceless sperm donor. Imagine her surprise when she learns he’s none other than rock idol Billy Jameson, and that Billy has died and left Stella a historic on a sprawling farm in the mountains of Virginia. A city girl at heart, Stella can’t imagine living anywhere but New York. Her first inclination is to sell the property. But the terms of Billy’s will stipulate she manages the inn for three years before putting it on the market.

Stella considers what’s really keeping her in New York. Her hotel management career is off to a rocky start; she's lost three jobs in less than a year. She's grown apart from her best friend, and her so-called boyfriend is only interested in late-night booty calls. Something is missing from Stella's life. On impulse, she hops on the next train headed to a small town in Virginia in search of her happily ever after.

When she sees the dilapidated state of the inn, Stella realizes she’s in over her head. But the more she learns about the fascinating Jameson family, the more she wants to know.

On her journey to discover answers, Stella learns to have faith in herself and take a chance on love. Join an unforgettable cast of characters in the first installment of the Hope Springs Series.

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Unlikeable main character2 star

The writing was fine, the storyline not too predictable, but the main character was arrogant and unlikeable. This is a bit of a trope with romances so I tried to ignore it but she was incompetent at work, had no boundaries with her employees, and she ends up kidnapping a child. The book was completely uncritical of all of this.25


Lovely!4 star

Long lost rock star dad you never knew about leaves you an inheritance and you leave your life that isn’t going well. You get mad at your 2 moms for keeping dad a secret and discover a wonderful life and family you always dreamed about, plus the loves of your life……yeah not much sleep last night reading thru to find all the untold truths and a loving HEA!45


Dream Big Stella5 star

Great book. Some disappointments but still I enjoyed the book.55


Dream Big, Stella5 star

It started out kind of rough with the language, but by the 3rd chapter the story was very enjoyable.55


For a first time reader, it is a perfect book to inspire the right way!5 star

I accidentally picked up this book on the reading app in my phone to try at developing a reading skill/ habit for one more time and I must say, I am not disappointed at all. Dream Big, Stella! is a very good book to inspire and encourage young girls to take that leap of faith when nothing else seems to be working in life, to be courageous to explore world on own terms, and to trust love to guide you. For a first time reader, I’d definitely recommend this book by Ashley Farley!55


Dream Big Stella5 star

Wow, what a story. Could not stop till the end. So many turns in their lives. Really kept my interest. One of the best books I’ve read this year. TY55


Dream Big Stella5 star

Wow, Stella has big job with a Hugh restoration project and discovering her talents, hiring trustworthy people and figuring out all the characters in the plot and her unknown past.55


interesting plot but a little rushed3 star

i thought the storyline was pretty intriguing and not too cliche (felt very much like Hart of Dixie in a book) but the book felt very rushed, especially towards the ends with the romance aspect35


A must read5 star

Sweet book with a great story55

C Conti

Dream big Stella5 star

This book was an all nighter I could not put it down what a story!55

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