Under the Maui Sky

Under the Maui Sky Summary

Aloha! Welcome to the Maui Island Series where the dramas of everyday life keep the Briscoe family and their friends laughing, crying and falling in love.

Set against the lush backdrop of a tropical island, Under the Maui Sky captures the emotionally charged, complex dynamics that come with being part of a family. Readers will laugh and shed a few tears as Ava Briscoe and her children discover what it means to be loved, supported and accepted by the people who mean the most…even in the face of deep betrayal.

Ava Briscoe wants nothing more than for her children and the family’s pineapple business to flourish. When a dark secret comes to light, more than her steadfast resilience is tested.

Christel is picking up the pieces after a painful divorce. She’s found solace in the family business. But a bitter discovery soon shakes the once-steady foundation under her feet.

Katie is a wife and mother with a full plate. She yearns for purpose but her efforts to make her dreams come true falter when she learns nothing is at it seems.

Aiden makes his living rescuing people on the island of Maui. When facing life’s changes, can he rescue his own family when it matters most?

Shane believes life is a party, but sometimes life hands out more than a good time—fun crashes to an end and growing up is no longer an option.

Come along on the journey . . . with all the messy wonder, humor, pain and ultimate hope of this heartwarming family as they grapple with an uncertain future and learn they can face anything, as long as they do it together.

A heart-grabbing story, perfect for Robyn Carr and Susan Wiggs fans.

Book Reviews

Married to a MacDonald

Great Read5 star

I read this while vacationing in Maui. It was great to visit some of the same areas. Great descriptions and a real feel for the island. The story is real life but I came away with hope and some life lessons as well. I would highly recommend this book!55

Clean romancer

Under the Maui sky4 star

This was feel good with good decisions made in bad situations. Not a lot of drama. Nice45

Bev teacher

Under the Maui Sky5 star

It’s is truly an inspirational read that encompasses a family and friends into a very realistic story. The characters are very well developed and I can truly see where the author can use these characters in upcoming stories. This book made me feel good about how people can overcome trials in their lives and learn from them. Yes, there will be times of grief, sadness, fear and frustration but there is hope.55


Under the Maui Sky5 star

I thought this story was one of the best I have read in the last 6 months. It was beautifully written. It played out with several emotions, that kept your interest and at the very end it was well worth reading. Thank You55

kew u

Maui sky5 star

Loved this story. God Bless You.55

Moclips Clammer

Wonderful book5 star

You feel the characters love, hurt, heartache and especially their anger. Such a great book and the author really lets you get to know the characters.55

Dee 59

Good Book4 star

I enjoyed the writing! I can relate to each character and the relationships formed by the characters. I one hundred percent agree with the Uncle concerning the Dad!!45

Texas farm wife

Family in Paradise5 star

What a beautiful setting for this new series. Maui is truly a paradise and the author does a beautiful job of painting a picture with her description of the island. The Briscoe family runs a pineapple plantation and their family devotion runs deep. The sudden loss of of Ava’s husband and the four children’s father bring a loss so deep they don’t know how they will move forward. As Ava’s husband, Lincoln’s estate is settled a secret is discovered that threatens the life and foundation of the family. Will the family be able to move forward and get through this betrayal?55

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