Wedding At The Riverview Inn

Wedding At The Riverview Inn Summary

An emotional tale of a magical inn, a wedding gone terribly wrong and a woman searching for a second chance.

Alice has hit rock bottom. Once a Michelin-starred chef, she is now drowning in debt, working the line at a chain restaurant and drinking too much. The last person she ever expected to come knocking with a job offer and a fresh start is her ex-husband, Gabe.

Gabe built The Riverview Inn with his dad and brother. Now, the grand lodge in the Catskill Mountains is nearly ready for the opening event—a society wedding for 500 guests.

The only thing missing is a chef. That’s where Alice comes in.

The deal Gabe offers Alice is too good to pass up: help him get through this wedding and he’ll get her out of debt.

But nothing is simple at The Riverview and soon she’s dealing with a bridezilla, pink swans, a series of mysterious letters and a teenage delinquent. Through it all, one thing is clear—her feelings for Gabe burn as bright as they always have.

When the wedding is over, will Alice walk away for good? Or will The Riverview work its magic on Alice and Gabe?

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Clean romancer

Wedding at riverview inn5 star

My idea of a good story. Really liked it. Love, mixed with human frailty with a good outcome. Recommend it highly.55


Wedding at Riverview Inn5 star

Great story with so many violent emotions - good and bad!55


Wedding at the Riverview INN5 star

Enjoyable read - interesting characters.55


Delightful Read4 star

I found this to be one of best light books that I have ever read. It ended too quickly!45


👎👎👎👎👎👎1 star

She doesn’t deserve a second chance! Stupid guy for being fooled by his failure, quitter and coward of an ex wife 👎👎👎👎🤬🤬🤬😤😤😤😤😤15

Jen G F

Wedding at the Riverview Inn4 star

ARC for honest review with no compensation 4.5 stars Wedding at the Riverview Inn is book 1 in the new series Riverview Inn by Molly O’Keefe. Well written, a standalone with a back story woven throughout that gives you a better understanding of Gabe and his family dynamics. Alice a Michelin Star chef and Gabe the front person in the restaurant business had it all, married, working together, planning to built and run their own inn and having a family but it all fell apart after they lost their babies, couldn’t find a way to communicate the losses and got divorced. Now 5 years later, Gabe is in need of a chef for his newly built Riverview Inn’s grand opening which is a society wedding for 500 people. He finds Alice his ex, offers her a fresh start, a job and will help her get out of debt if she helps him with his grand opening of the inn. So much angst, tensions, past hurts, fulfilling dreams, second chances and finally opening up communications to find their HEA...or will the past keep them apart forever?? Can’t wait for the next book!!45

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