Cat Love

Cat Love Summary

Felines make fine friends, but cat love? Who is it really? Karla finds out that not all cats are created equal and one very special cat makes her fur curl.

Book Reviews

herobrin 333

I love this book5 star

I loved this book it is such an good story all about cats55


I love it5 star

Amazing! I wish I could get it for free!!!55

grainman 63

OMG so good5 star

I’ve always been close to cats once my family found a stray and he was so nice we named him Harry Potter and loved him when I read this book it made me think of the cat which made me cry I love this book it’s so good!55

kittien n cat

Cool cat5 star

I was looking for more of a cat book but this one blew my mind it was soooooooo very good😻❀️ AKA my mom is convinced I am a animal whisperer I55


Ok4 star

Hi was looking for a cat book with pictures but it this book is πŸ‘ŒπŸ»45


πŸ˜†πŸ±πŸ‘Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!5 star

I loved this Book. It was amazing!!! I think it would be great if there was another book following this one!!❀️❀️🐈❀️❀️🐈❀️❀️🐈❀️55


Great Book5 star

I thought this was a wonderful read.55


Best book5 star

This is a heartwarming book I love it soo much<355


Cats4 star

I LOVE cats so much😸 thay Are so❀️ cute45

Dr. Cat bubbles

Dr. Bubbles5 star

Good book sometimes I wish I could be a cat.55

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