Chewy Chewy Volume 01 - Spurns

Chewy Chewy Volume 01 - Spurns Summary

Funbook from Simple Reels

Chewy Chewy is a Funbook series about an alternate world known as  Chewy Chewy World.

In this and subsequent volumes of Chewy Chewy, the stories of Chewy Chewy World and its originally designed characters will be told through fun mix of: 

- original animated videos, 
- mini-games and 
- interactive and 3D interactive contents

which will promise to keep you entertained throughout like no other previous e-publications.

We hope through this Funbook, you will truly understand what Chewy Chewy World is about and fall in love with it just as we have in creating it. 

Bonus Features:

- Specialist advises for children regarding orthodontics care from renown Orthodontist Dr. Catherine Lee.
- Free iPad Wallpapers download
- New Original Videos not seen on Chewy Chewy World Facebook Page Channel.

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