Echo Callaway and the Mists of Pelleon- Chapter 1

Echo Callaway and the Mists of Pelleon- Chapter 1 Summary

When Echo Callaway and her friends Hiro and Sati accept a mission to the strange, swampy world of Pelleon, they are expecting an exciting adventure on an exotic, alien planet; not a bad prospect for three ordinary kids from a small Maine town.  However, there is a mystery awaiting them that will push each of them to the limits of their abilities, and no guarantee that they'll even make it back home again.  Serialized in five parts, "Echo Callaway and the Mists of Pelleon" introduces an unusual trio of adventurers; three middle school students who try to balance an unimaginable opportunity with the wholly equal challenge of living their ordinary lives.

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Title I teacher

Great start to the story!5 star

I loved reading Echo Callaway and the Mists of Pelleon… the first chapter promises a lot of plot twists to come! There are also a lot of character development in the first chapter… clearly Echo is more comfortable with her powers than Sati is. Although I am not generally a fan of graphic novels, I found that this book really drew me in! I am looking forward to the next installment! I think I could use this book as part of my teaching program.55


Excellent execution!5 star

As an artist myself I have to applaud this comic for every single thing about it. Mainly for the way it is put together, i love how the story is told. The way I can control how fast or slow I want the story to unfold is such a great way to tell a story. I really love it! Along with that the art is really well done. Love the style. The best thing I think is when the story transitions from color to grey scale. Very well done. This book gets a high recommendation from me for sure55

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