Edge of Shadows

Edge of Shadows Summary

A tragic childhood left Ellie Coulter with a supernatural gift that tells her a person’s true intentions. But even that didn’t protect her from a cheating husband with his own self-destructive secrets. After finding the strength to leave, she retreats from the world to heal.

She’s drawn out of her protective shell when a friend insists on playing matchmaker. After some persistent coaxing, Ellie warms to the idea that she may have found a reason to let her walls down, and his name is David Mitchell.

With things looking up in the romance department, Ellie finds herself the caretaker of the Bradford mansion, an impressive home that is also rumored to be haunted. Curious about what happened to the mansion’s former owners, Ellie finds herself entangled in the events that happened over a hundred years ago.

It’s all part of the trap set by the one hiding in the shadows, and Ellie fell right into it.

The complete Shadows trilogy:
Edge of Shadows (Shadows #1)
Shadows Deep (Shadows #2)
Veiled Shadows (Shadows #3)

Book Reviews


Edge of Shadows5 star

Great read! Good storyline and would do well as a movie! My only down was I would get distracted with the misspelling or improper grammar! Cege, you would do well to hire me as a proofreader. Unfortunately sometimes I tend to find every mistake out there! Very good book though! Thanks!55

L. Swan

Lengthy Read3 star

The book had very good story flow and just the right amount of information leaked to keep the reader intrigued to the mystery of the plot but I found it to be lacking in that sense as well. Some imperceptible details that were left out through out the book not being acknowledge which turned out to be quite frustrating, the storyline feeling very drawn out focusing too much on small and unnecessary details. The characters were great, they gave enough of their personality to make the reader feel as if they knew them while being suspicious of their true motives and who the mastermind could be.35


Really Almost 5 star!4 star

It had all the thrilling dynamics in it, romance, feeling of being watched, creepy dude, a reporter, an ex, then bing bang boom everything's getting stranger by the minute. You can tell its reaching the climax of the story and know that one piece will be there to trump the bad guys...epic downward spiral in a serious way. A need to read, because now it has me hoping for more in the next book.45


Edge of shadows3 star

Great book for fresh mans and older it's a little mature35


I love this author!5 star

I have already read one series by this author and adored it. Cege Smith is a wonderful writing and her stories illustrate that. This book was an easy read that for once, wasn't about a young adult. I loved it and cannot wait to finish the series. I highly recommend it!55


Edge of Shadows5 star

I could not put it down, finished it in one afternoon!55

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