Fire in Frost

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USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHORAlicia Rades presents a charming young adult paranormal series where friendships form with ghosts and a teen psychic uncovers mysterious secrets.

Over a million downloads world-wide! Fire in Frost is a B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree and was awarded an Honorable Mention in the Readers' Favorite International Book Award Contest.

The fire growing inside of her isn't the kind that killed this ghost. It's the kind that will save her.

Crystal Frost tells herself she isn't crazy, but sane people don't see ghosts. As her psychic abilities manifest, Crystal discovers she can see into the future, witness the past, and speak with the dead. Add blackmail to the list of things she never thought would happen to her, and you basically have her sophomore year covered. After spotting her first ghost, secrets from her family, friends, and classmates begin to surface. Uncovering secrets can be dangerous, but giving up means someone will get hurt. Again.


Crystal Frost captivates young adult supernatural fans in this fast-paced high school paranormal series. Discover the mystery of ghosts, teen psychics, and fortune tellers in this thrilling series starter.

"Alicia Rades masterfully spins enchanted story threads and pulls them tight around your heart with the satisfying but open ended conclusion of Fire in Frost...Alicia Rades has captured this reader's interest with a capital I." - Melissa Abrehamsen, Readers' Favorite★★★★★

"This is one of those books that once you get started, you cannot put it down. Written for young adults, Alicia Rades makes the story relatable to all ages." - Charla White, Words a Plenty ★★★★★

"I really enjoyed reading this book. It was beautifully written, easy to read, fast paced and the story was so engrossing I couldn't put it down . . . I would highly recommend this book to younger teenagers as well as adults." - Sue, Bedazzled by Books ★★★★★

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Book Reviews

Picky Priscilla

Excellent Story!5 star

Wonderful, well written characters lead you through a great adventure. Loved this book and looking forward to the rest!55


Fire in Frost5 star

Wonderful book I loved it and so will you55


Very good5 star

This book was amazing Definitely part of my top ten55


Awesome5 star

Very intriguing55


Best book I’ve ever read5 star

This book was soooo great and I loved loved loved it it was the best. And this is my 5th time reading it because it’s so good55


Amazing5 star

Love love love it!!! I recommend.55

Fgtc fan

Best book5 star

Super good book55


Thriller & Magic5 star

Recommend: Yes If you like: Magic, Witches, and Mystery, you will enjoy this book.55


Amazing5 star

Love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️55


Good Introduction Into The Frost World4 star

Fire in Frost was a pleasant young adult read. It’s well written and had a good plot line even though it was a little predictable. The characters were very likable. If I was to compare it to some other books I’d say it was a cross between Nancy Drew and the Shadow Falls series by C.C. Hunter. One of the topics covered in this book is teen dating abuse. I felt the author did a good job writing about such a sad topic. Although it didn’t bother me I read a few other reviews mentioning they didn’t like the book because there was cursing. If I counted correctly there were about seven curse words in the whole book. Just thought I’d say something in case someone’s on the fence about reading this or letting their child read this. Over all I enjoyed Crystal’s story. She showed a lot courage and determination while being thrust into a situation where she had to learn everything on the fly. I could see her developing into an amazing character as she becomes more adept with her abilities. I look forward to reading Desired in Frost.45

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