God of the Sun

God of the Sun Summary

A prince from the dark side shows up at my doorstep with one question.

Will I be his bride?

I have many, many reasons to say no.

The prince comes from a land of barbarians.

I will never again see the sun.

It is a certain death sentence.

At first, it seems that I have a choice.

But I discover that if I say no,

Thousands will die.

All of those lives hang on my answer to that one simple question.

Will I say yes or will I say no?

Book Reviews


Love5 star

Im not usually into these types of books. I’m more into basic romance and girly teen fiction, but I absolutely LOVE this book. Really worth a read.55


Felt like a big plot hole…1 star

Description wasn’t what the book was like, prologue had nothing to do with the story, half way through it just became random. Could not get through it.15

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