Ink Witch

Ink Witch Summary

The gods are gone. Her brother is missing. One retired assassin must confront her past to save his future…

Immortal Kat Dubois has traded in her sword for a flask. Hard drinking helps ease the grisly memories of her former trade: an assassin of immortals. She's perfectly content to spend eternity in her Seattle tattoo parlor…until the mysterious disappearance of her brother finally brings her out of retirement.

With a charmed deck of tarot cards and her trusty sword, Kat sets off to track down her brother and save his soul. A wicked corporation and a laundry list of old rivals stand in the way of her quest. For someone with an eternity to live, Kat's chances of unraveling the mystery become less likely with each passing second…

Ink Witch is the first book in the Kat Dubois Chronicles, a tough-girl urban fantasy series set in Seattle, WA. If you like intense action, gritty characters, unconventional magic, and Egyptian mythology, then you'll love this unique, fast-paced adventure!

Ink Witch
Soul Eater

Book Reviews


Ink Witch5 star

I loved it, enough to read it twice55


Good for a free book but….3 star

The story has an interesting premise, but it doesn’t feel well written. I can’t complain about it since it was free, but it wasn’t executed well enough for me to purchase the rest of the series. Inconsistent details were commonplace, and the story just didn’t seem well organized. Better editing would fix most problems in the story. Great creativity in the storyline though.35

i luv reading

I’m Witch4 star

Novel concept, well written. On tenderhooks A lot of the time. A wonderful afternoon45


A light, quick read4 star

The short book, “Ink Witch”, was an entertaining, quick read. There are a couple of grammatical errors but, refreshingly unusual for this genre in this day and age, no typographical errors.45


Seems to copy off of the Wilde Series3 star

I don’t like how similar the covers and the use of tarot cards are to my favorite books…35

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