My Viking Vampire

My Viking Vampire Summary

I’ll fight to the end or die trying… 

I’ve got nowhere to run—except into the arms of a sexy stranger who says he can protect me. 

But this guy comes with a bit more than I bargained for—fangs. 

Sanctuary, Texas will take you on a heart-pounding-toe-curling ride into a town of fantastical creatures and a war for world domination you won't soon forget. The series has fated mates, growly heroes with soft spots for their strong spunky heroines, and enough spicy romance to make you blush. Don’t miss this sexy, gritty, paranormal fantasy romance with a twist of darkness. There’s a “big bad” you will love to hate and an amazing cast of characters across the series that build a family you won’t want to leave behind. 

"Shannan weaves a sexy, action-packed tale sure to keep you turning the pages late into the night." ~ Liliana Hart, New York Times Bestselling Author

Book Reviews


Viking Vampire5 star

Easy and interesting read. Planning on reading more of this authors books55


Best fantasy5 star

My Viking Vampire 🧛‍♀️ was a dream come true fantasy, romantic about fairies 🧚‍♀️,vampires, dragons 🐉,wolves and interesting others paranormal creatures on special town a Sanctuary. Thanks well written and recommended.55


Steamy and heartfelt5 star

The heat is on in this one, but I read it again and again for the characters, the town, the story, the love. This town is full of special beings, and the way they look out for and care for each other makes it a wonderful read.55


Very good story, and very sexy!5 star

I enjoyed the storyline of this novel. The sex scenes are very provocative. If you enjoyed Fifty Shades, the sex in this book is similar, but not every other page which I appreciate. Overall good story though. There are more books to this series which I would like to continue reading!55

RC Reading

Fabulous read!5 star

The fast paced writing is excellent. The reader is pulled in right away and runs along with the story to the end. Very talented writer and I look forward to reading the next one!!!55

math wizard

Sex2 star

If you want to read a book basically about sex then this is the book for you. If you want to read about sex with whips and more then this is the book for you. There is very little story/ mystery in this book. You could condense the entire story without all the sex into 50 pages or less. Do I plan on reading another in the series ,NO! Not my cup of tea and lack of interest.25


No1 star


Debbie 54

Unforgettable5 star

Loved loved loved omg she was so tortured before escaping them met a vampire whom she fell in love with and he helped her get over her fears. They fell in love omg I loved this story now on to two .55


Krystal Shannan5 star

I love the first book ! I've read all but the new one coming out n jun 2017 can't get here fast enough.. I hope they all survive....55


Amateur Writing2 star

This book ok took me 2 days to read . . . not because I was locked into the story (which was superficial), but because I skipped several pages at a time to get it over with. There were several typos and the storyline seemed childish. Bailey was hard too connect with and the author tried too hard with the off-the-wall fantasy pieces. Overall--overpriced and lame.25

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