Nightshade Academy Episode 1: Awakened Vampire

Nightshade Academy Episode 1: Awakened Vampire Summary

An academy made for monsters.
A shifter I can't avoid because he fires up my bloodlust.
That's what my life has become.

I'm used to being the weird girl.
When I look at people, I see their auras instead of their faces.
But I never thought a vampire would rip out of me when a mysterious man told me these simple words: "Your blood is mine."

The timing was too perfect.

Right after that, the headmaster of Nightshade Academy kidnapped me before I could hurt someone with my newly "awakened" vampire genes. Now she's making me attend her school until I've relearned how to be a civilized human being.

Well, I want out. I just graduated high school, and I'm not doing college. Besides, my mom is probably worried sick about me. Probably.

It gets worse when I meet Kian. He's a shifter and one of the most popular students at Nightshade Academy. He's the type of person I avoid, so I hate that I'm drawn to him. His smell is intoxicating. Being near him turns on my bloodlust, and that's when I realize how in trouble I really am.

If I can't control this bloodlust, I'm going to kill someone.

Nightshade Academy is a young adult contemporary fantasy series.

All episodes have been published; this series is complete. 

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