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Ozma of Oz: A Record of Her Adventures with Dorothy Gale of Kansas, Billina the Yellow Hen, the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodsman, Tik-Tok, the Cowardly Lion and the Hungry Tiger; Besides Other Good People too Numerous to Mention Faithfully Recorded Herein. It was the first in which Baum was clearly intending a series of Oz books.

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Green, Purple and other colors3 star

I think the movie "Return to Oz" was more interesting than the book and one prior but I appreciate the opportunity to read what inspired all of that.35


Ozma of Oz5 star

Brilliant story telling at its finest. The imagery painted by L. Frank Baum was put together and adapted so well the pages turned themselves. The characters each with their own personalities led my curiosity as to see what adventure or danger they would wind up in next, and how would they escape this time. The world of Oz is so much more expansive then the Judy Garland film led us to believe, the novels fill the before and after of all the marvelous characters we have loved since our childhood. Don't miss this one!55


Delightful5 star

When I tentatively began to read the Oz series I imagined them children's books with an appeal only to the young. Glad to discover I am, in my mid-forties, much younger than I had believed.55


Meh...3 star

I'm only on chapter 3 or 4 but it is worse than the other two.35


This book is great kids will love ever since I was 2 I loved oz5 star

You should get it55

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