Princess of Death

Princess of Death Summary

Danger and romance await across the sea.

Nothing in the kingdom of Zara is magical, and that's just fine with them. . . until a terrible illness spreads. Princess Cali has heard rumors of a cure, but isn't desperate enough to venture into the magical and political cesspool of the neighboring Lunae Lumen.

Then her best friend falls ill.

Lunae Lumen is a land of magic, its fate also hanging by a thread. Their irresponsible king has indebted himself to pirates—and they've come to call that debt in. The price? The marriage of his only child to the pirate king's son.

In a bizarre twist of luck, Cali looks remarkably similar to the Lunae Lumen princess and a deal is struck: if she will marry the pirate king's son instead, the Lunae Lumen king will cheat the pirate king, and he'll reward Cali for the deception with the cure she needs.

Cali plans to double cross them all.

But nothing quite goes according to plan.  For anyone.

Princess of Death is a darkly enchanting fairy tale with hints of "The Little Mermaid" and "The Prince and the Pauper." Tense and imaginative, it's perfect for fantasy romance fans looking for heart-pounding, enemies-to-lovers, page-turning escape.

Publisher's Weekly called Princess of Death, "A fast-paced fantasy romance with a strong female protagonist…it will appeal as much to adult readers as to a YA audience. The main characters in this tale are true to themselves in the face of unending surprises and plot twists." 

Book Reviews

Christine MFer

Woah. I need the book 24 star

Okay this definitely took me longer than I like when reading a book but HOLY ENDING. Why did I take so long to read 😵‍💫. 2 worlds split by a barrier. 1 Princess is out to save her Kingdom from a plague and another is being forced into marriage to a Pirate lords Son. There was a long lull that took me away from the plot that I wasn’t sure this novel would be for me but dang it blew me away. The plot twist about 60% in made this WORTH IT. I’ll definitely be looking for book 2 ASAP 👏🏻.45


Good book4 star

Great world building and complex characters that grow as the story goes along combine to make a great book. I love Cali, she is determined to do what ever needed to save her country no matter how much she might dislike it otherwise. Add in a bit of a princess and the pauper vibe with Cali having to pretend to be Soraya and you have a very good book.45

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