The Amplifier Protocol

The Amplifier Protocol Summary

They called me an amplifier. And they had bred me, raised me, and trained me to be a killer with preternatural precision. I was capable of taking, holding, and transferring power that wasn’t my own with a simple touch. Skin-to-skin contact. Along with four others of my generation, I could infiltrate any magical organization, extracting whoever or whatever I’d been ordered to extricate. Then I could destroy all evidence of our passing presence.
They had made me. They directed me. Controlled me.
Then they tried to kill me.
The Amplifier Protocol by Meghan Ciana Doidge is the prequel novella (40k) for the Amplifier series, which is set in the Adept Universe along with the Dowser, the Oracle, and the Reconstructionist series. It also includes a BONUS novelette (16k), Close to Home (Amplifier 0.5).

Reading order:

The Amplifier Protocol (Amplifier 0)
Close to Home (Amplifier 0.5)
Demons and DNA (Amplifier 1)

Book Reviews

T. Butcher

She’s done it again!5 star

Meghan Ciana Doidge has done it again. She’s grasped me lightly by the arm, and by delving into this scintillating world she’s created, I’m eagerly reading each book of the Amplifier series in quick succession. This beginning to her new series was the perfect way to bring readers in and get them hooked. I will, forever and always, be a Meghan Ciana Doidge fan.55

Marina Ariadne

Fast ride!4 star

Never a dull moment45

Old Coqui

Excellent read5 star

An exceptionally woven story that ended too soon. A wee bit confusing tale at times due to changing character names (Socks, AMP5, Emma, etc), but thoroughly enjoyable nonetheless.55


Was it worth reading?5 star

I bought the next one immediately after completing this one.55


Exciting start!5 star

This is the origin story of Doidge’s new series within the adept world. Fun start with an added bonus novelette. I can’t wait to see where the Amplifier series takes us!55

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