The Iron Butterfly

The Iron Butterfly Summary

Thalia knows three things;

Her first name.

That she barely escaped the clutches of the Septori with the help of a mysterious stranger.

And that her run in with the Septori’s iron butterfly machine did something to her. It changed her into something neither fully human nor Denai.

Fearing her inner darkness and seeking answers to her past, Thalia finds refuge as a servant at the Citadel in Calandry, a school for the gifted Denai.

When strange powers awaken within her she is forced to pretend to be one of them and goes from being a servant to student overnight. Her life becomes even more complicated when the handsome stranger who saved her from the Septori becomes her new fighting instructor.

Thalia knows that the Septori are still looking for her, and they will stop at nothing to get her back.

Dead or alive.

Book Reviews


Worth it5 star

Excellent YA fiction. I’ve wished for years they would make this one into a movie.55


Very unique5 star

I’m really into the start of this story. It’s so different and exciting. I want more!55


it’s ok3 star

the book has all of the elements to make it good but it comes a bit short. the world building is a bit mediocre & important concept are not explained, which can be confusing. however, the plot was interesting enough to keep me engaged, although the protagonist could be annoying at times.35

c h l o e . . .

WOW1 star

This book was remarkably outstanding. If you are considering reading this STOP RIGHT NOW and go read! I am going to go buy the other two books to these series at this very moment. I am so eager to find out what happens next. I am always on the edge of my seat, trying to guess the next surprise, but was always stunned to see it was even more surprising. I 100% recommend this book! GO START READING!15


Amazing5 star

I’ve read this book probably 3 times over the last 6-7 years and I’m still in love with it every single time. I absolutely love the characters and the story line. Seriously one of my all time favorite books and I’m almost 30.55


It’s been a while5 star

It been a while since I've fallen asleep reading because I didn't want to put the book down. This story did just that. The beginning was a little hard to get into a times but it was a good story. Starting #2 right away.55


The Iron Butterfly5 star

I truly enjoyed this book! You know when you've been on an "ok" reading streak for a while, and you finally stumble across a book that's amazing? One that's so good that you don't want to put it down but you don't want it to end at the same time? That was this book. The plot was unique and complex. There is good character development so far. The characters could definitely be developed more, but that happens in the next two books (which I also recommend!). I'm not going to give you a summary of the book. You can read the back of the cover for that. I definitely recommend it though if you're wanting to go on a unique and thrilling adventure with some amazing characters!55


Review5 star

Excellent series55



My reaction to this book: Chanda released another book! Omg its so good Wait what? Now its even better *hardcore fangirls This book was amazing! Usually Chanda Hahns books take a few chapters to open up, but this one immedeately immersed me into the plot. Yet, it did not stray from giving me a background which is extremely important! The characters are real and strong, the plot full, and the worldbuilding is incredible. I wish I could live here btw. If you haven’t read this book already shame on you! Start right now!!55


Love her books5 star

This book is amazing! Loved it. Kept me guessing and it was very intriguing. Amazing read.55

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