The Phantom of the Opera

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The story of a man named Erik, an eccentric, physically deformed genius who terrorizes the Opera Garnier in Paris. He builds his home beneath it and takes the love of his life, a beautiful soprano, under his wing.

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Jermiaha Phonix

A Beautiful Classic that needs to live on!5 star

This book I have seen the movie at the age of 8. And have fell in love with the music, seen the opera? But never really read the book. Until now that I am in college. A book that is indeed different then the movie of course. But Needs to be read by all because it is one where people need to know that beauty is wither and that everyone in this world deserves love. So to who ever who could be reading this spread love to all where you might go because what this world need in times like this is LOVE!55


I love this book!!!!!5 star

This book is amazing! I love it and the story and have read it multiple times. This book is just so well written that, upon my first completion of the novel, I even wondered if the opera ghost were real given the realistic way he was written about. But the story is just exquisite and I would call it a classic!55


I love it5 star

The story, the characters, everything! It’s amazing how this work of literature inspired one of the longest running musicals in history 76 years later So Gaston loreaux, thank you55

Dawn Stargazer

Before you review5 star

This was written in the 1800's way before the play, broadway or movie. Don't say that this version is a bad book version.55

Ball bball

Book1 star

It was good, for the first few pages at least. it was very hard to comprehend so I just started scrolling and I tried finding the pictures, There were no pictures.15

Fluffy unicorn7744


The title says it all. There's so much detail and mystery. LOVE the romance and drama. I had seen the 2004 movie, but I never realized it was a book. Then, I read the book, and there was so much more detail and even MORE drama than in the movie. All in all, I loved it. 😊55


Phantom Of The Opera by Gaston Leroux5 star

I have read this masterpiece over 35 times and every time I read it again I love it more. I would recommend it to everyone. There is pain, passion, humor, obsession and most of all love. You will never be the same after reading this wonderful book. My two favorite characters are Erik and the Persian.55


This Will Explain Everything...5 star

After a confusing start, the book settles into a very vivid and suspenseful read. If you’ve seen the musical (and who hasn’t), it will help you make sense of the book’s beginning scenes, background, and characters; especially if you’re unaccustomed to all the French references, as I was. Unlike other reviews here, I feel like the musical stays fairly close to the book (a point that will not be lost on anyone who has read Wicked after seeing the musical—seriously??) absent the Persian: “ Did I not say Box 5 is to be kept empty?” and “Don Juan Triumphant.” The book also gives us more insight into Erik. It really is an awesome read that stands on its own and quite scary even by today’s gory, bloated standards.55


A True Classic5 star

I absolutely love this book! My favorite character has to be the phantom. He has such a deep,unknown history that is slowly brought to light throughout the story and your opinion of him though the story is constantly changing- he could be considered a madman, genius, or really, a despised person who just wants to fit in but was never able to. The suspension in the story always keeps you wanting to read more until you reach the ending which (spoiler alert) is heartbreaking.55

The trap and toture ghost

Excellent5 star

Thats was very mysterious and supensful and the love of the ghost was just a abosulte rose55

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The Phantom of the Opera


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