Undercover Witch Academy: First Year

Undercover Witch Academy: First Year Summary

At the Undercover Witch Academy, I won't remain hidden for long.

As the first illusionist witch able to syphon magic from everything and everyone, I’m a little sought after. Hundreds of supernatural academies have offered me a place, but there’s only one I’ll attend. The Undercover Witch Academy. Why? Dracian Dread.

The male witch who killed my parents is already a top student at the academy, beloved by all. But, not for long. Soon, everyone will know who Dracian really is, and I’ll be the one to tell them.

When students start to lose their magic, all eyes turn to me. Classes are postponed as an investigation gets underway. There’s no proof that it’s me, and it’s not, let me assure you, so I have to find a way to prove my innocence. Unfortunately, the only ally I have is none other than Dracian Dread, the man I love to hate.

Will I be able to find the real culprit before every student loses their magic for good?

Book Reviews

Crazy not lazy

Undercover Witch Academy1 star

This book was totally boring. The same thing happened over and over. The characters were boring and the setting was as well. The best thing about the book was the title. Don’t waste your time!15


Good3 star

It had its moments but didn’t really start getting good til the end35

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