1914 Summary

It’s 1914 and the great powers of Europe are on the brink of war. In Holbeck, Leeds, the Keeton family struggles to get by on their meagre wages. The six Keeton brothers couldn’t be more different, but the outbreak of World War I puts their lives on hold and sets them on a course of destruction.

Danny Keeton drags his identical twin brother Charlie off to war with the idea that this will be one great adventure. At the tender age of fourteen, he soon discovers war is no place for boys. With the sadistic Sergeant Archibald Braddock and the tender Corporal Nathan Dettmer alongside them, the only goal is to stay alive long enough to make it back home.

But how many of the brothers will survive the first brutal year of the bloodiest conflict in human history?


Remember to check out my original Made in Yorkshire series, where you can meet the offspring of many of the characters featured here. It all starts with 1964 (Made in Yorkshire Book 1).

Book Reviews


Good book5 star

Good quick read. Liked the characters. Loved the history.55

mega. shark tastic

Is it free5 star

Is it free55


19145 star

Good read.55

-/good boy

Great book5 star

This is an interesting story regarding the life of young boys on the front line during the great war. As soon as I started could not put it down. Definitely looking forward to book two.55

Michael Rai

Cliff hanger5 star

Definitely grew fond of the characters and will be reading the second book.55


Full of grit. Great novel.5 star

As far as historical fiction goes, this felt startlingly realistic, which is great and what good historical fiction should be. Set before WW1, some British brothers enlist in the army thinking it's going to be a grand time. Not so much. It goes without saying that this period in history was an especially bleak and tragic one, and yes, that thread wraps around the main characters here but the book is enthralling and a real work of historical expertise. The action is intense, visceral and gritty. Great writing too. Flowed well. Don't be surprised if you choke up. Great book.55

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