Alaskan Sailing Adventure

Alaskan Sailing Adventure Summary

Four teenage cousins have worked and studied for two years preparing for an "Outward Bound" type sailing adventure in Alaska. They expect to see the scenery of Kenai Fiords National Park and do some fishing. Their captain has far greater plans for them and expects them to become sailors capable of surviving on their own. Their skills develop quickly and they even get to experience blue water sailing with the challenge of taking watch at night in the vastness of the ocean. They learn their own strengths and more importantly the need to work together. With the captain's life at stake the boys must use everything they have learned to save him.

This work of fiction is based on the authors 30 years of sailing and fishing in Alaska. All of the adventures are real but times, names and places were changed as needed for story continuity. The Sea Shanty was the boat I built out for my own long dreamed of cruise to Alaska. She is a rugged good sailing vessel.

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