Anne of the Island

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This is the continuing story of Anne Shirley and the third book in the Anne of Green Gables series. In it Anne attends Redmond College where she is studying for her BA. She has many trials and tribulations along the way, including some romance. In Anne of the Island the reader is also introduced to many new characters, that in the true sense of Anne are also "kindred spirits".

Book Reviews

Anonymus__🤗love 25

Anne of The Island5 star

It was really good, I really hope you read and enjoy it. It’s not outdated, and I hope if anyone who says this book is not better than comic books then they’re wrong. It’s like, a classic!!! Anyway it was heartwarming and there were many great things that the girls did at Patty’s Place. The scenes are just so beautiful. I can’t stop reading these books!55

glen r l

Really in joy reading before bedtime5 star

. To dream my life will be like Anne . Happy, fulfillment , meaningful and unique.55


Never too old5 star

There were a actually more words in here that I had to look up than in the other books. It’s great when you can expand your vocabulary thru fun reading. I enjoy reading these to my kids.55


Amazing book5 star

This book was amazing! Once again Lucy Maude Montgomery writes a another enriching novel on the franchise of Anne’s life. Her descriptive words and full of life characters new and old bring the story to life! It’s amazing. Read it and you won’t be disappointed.55


They lost me2 star

They introduced the climax during the beginning, so when I got to the middle I was bored of the whole story.25

love it 💋💋

Happily Ever After!!!5 star

My favorite out of the whole Avonlea series!!55


Wonderful!4 star

The book was a thrilling experience. Of course, I admit there were some sections in the story that was slower than others, but overall the suspense and curiosity that overwhelmed me while I was reading the story caught me in a web and I couldn’t stop reading the book until the end. This book includes quite a bit more romance than the other ones, but it shows sides of Anne I have never seen before. There are also some grammar errors in the story which caught me off guard, but not so much that they stopped me from continuing reading. (The series and this book is) Highly recommended for those who want to jump into a slow but steady story of a girl’s journey toward womanhood.45


In uhbku5 star

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Beatriz Campos

Anne Of The Island:5 star

This is one of the most wonderful books of Lucy Maud Montgomery.55


LOVED IT !!!!!!!!!!!!5 star

Probably my favorite book of the series so far, but I've only read the first four so we'll see how I like the others.55

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