Ashes of the Fall

Ashes of the Fall Summary

Sometimes the fall is only the beginning.

In the year 2048, the crumbling remnants of western North America are suddenly buried in ash, weakening the grip of the brutal dictatorship. A factional landscape springs from the ashes, con man Luke Stokes artfully navigating the clash.

But he can't remain above the fray for long, as each faction seeks the truth from Luke regarding his murdered brother's final project. A neural-interface technology that will forever shift the fragile balance of the ashen plains.

With the true believers, desert nomads, survivalists and existing regime closing in, Luke must delve deeper into his genius brother's secrets. And the truth about his last project will dramatically alter the remnants of civilization.

Because the fall isn't always the end - sometimes, it's only the beginning.

Seamlessly merging thought-provoking philosophical ideas with page-burning action, ASHES OF THE FALL is the first novel in the dystopian/post-apocalyptic Remnants Trilogy.

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Ashes of the Fall5 star

Interesting story. I'm a computer pro and would really like to see that source code.55


Ashes of the Fall4 star

Good story line but having to read the entire book to find it was almost punishment. The ending saved it big time. Thank for your rendition of tomorrow, it fit well. Be blessed.45


Ashes Of The Fall5 star

Really great book!!!!!55

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