Babbitt Summary

Babbitt, first published in 1922, is a novel by Sinclair Lewis. Largely a satire of American culture, society, and behavior, it critiques the vacuity of middle-class American life and its pressure toward conformity. An immediate and controversial bestseller, Babbitt is one of Lewis's best-known novels and was influential in the decision to award him the Nobel Prize in literature in 1930.

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The Ghost of FDR

Alternate Perspective5 star

Athough this book was originally written as a satyrical critique of the dominant American culture of the early twentieth century (pre Depression and pre WWII), its place in literature today takes on a much greater and deeper meaning. In A.D. 2015, we are living amidst the polar opposite culture which Sinclair Lewis has satyrized. The quote that easily comes to mind (and was surely very far from Lewis') , "be careful what you wish for"!!55


Babbitt5 star

Excellent read.55


Had To Read This For Ap111 star

This book is sooooooooooooooooo boring. I died a little on the inside reading this.15

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