Falling Fast

Falling Fast Summary

What if love at first sight, was possible?


I fell in love on a ferry.

Sounds like the headline for a cheesy made-for-tv movie, doesn't it? But for me, Ella Michaels from Westmount Island, it's the truth. Marcus is nothing like me. He's confident, bold, sexy, and oh, did I mention he's a millionaire? And for some reason, he's apparently crazy about me. Even though most of my friends are from the books that I read and I can't use a real swear word without sweating. But the island is my home, and he's a big city billionaire. What happens when his visit is over?


I did not want to come to this island. I definitely did not want to enjoy small-town life. I absolutely did not want to fall for a woman who puts Disney princesses to shame with her beauty and heart. But that's exactly what happened the second I met Ella. She's the calm to my storm and she's making me re-evaluate what's really important in life. It turns out, the answer to that isn't money or success. It's love. How do I prove to her that our lives may be very different, but I'll do whatever it takes to be with her?

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