Holiday Terminal

Holiday Terminal Summary

Two hearts. One snowstorm. A second chance at love.

Swirling snow may have stranded me at this tiny airport in the middle of nowhere on Christmas Eve, but it has nothing on the storm raging inside me when he walks into the terminal.

Artemis Warren.

My first love and the man who shattered my world.

I thought I locked my feelings for him safely away in the past, but one look is all it takes for me to drown in his icy blue eyes again.

So much time has passed.

I'm no longer that naïve teenager standing on a beach, wishing the boy would choose me.

Now, I'm hiding a secret that could unravel both our lives.

The emergency landing in Nowheresville is more than an inconvenience.

It's a disaster.

The annual family holiday party in NYC was my chance to make the statement I've been dreaming of for so long.

Now, all my best laid plans will have to wait until I can get out of here and back to civilization.

Nothing can salvage this day.

Yet seeing Penelope Barnes again turns this bad situation into the opportunity of a lifetime. 

Reuniting with the only woman I've ever loved would be the ultimate Christmas gift.

But how can I heal the old wounds and fit into the new life she created?

When temperatures drop and snowflakes fly, can love find a way to weather the storm for the ultimate Christmas miracle?

Book Reviews


4 stars4 star

I enjoyed this. Appreciated that the pattern between the characters was to put up a defensive wall...then break down into honesty and direct speech. The latter made for a believable love which had depth.45


Words Matter5 star

Great story line, many moments wondering if the characters can get it right. Feelings, thoughts, and words truly matter when they are shared.55


Language1 star

Too many f and s words in first few pages 🥲. Didn’t read after that and will delete 👏15


Holiday Terminal3 star

Short story, just OK.One sex scene, too graphic for my taste. First time reading this author.35


Holiday terminal3 star

Nice easy read and a good story line.35

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