I'll Know Me When I Find Me

I'll Know Me When I Find Me Summary

"An incisive and highly readable novel of female friendship."--Kirkus Reviews

A witty and warm-hearted debut novel from Helen J. Darling about the challenges of ambition, friendship, and the boundaries that balance them. 

Jane Desmond's life wasn't supposed to turn out like this. Almost at the top of a professional ladder she never meant to climb, she's got a great view...of a messy life. Unwanted attention from an infatuated coworker and meddlesome matchmaking from her mother has her social life in tatters. Thank goodness her best friend Thea's around to keep her sane. 

When Thea loses her job a few days after purchasing her dream home, Jane steps in to help. But her good intentions backfire, and Jane discovers Thea's been keeping secrets from her. In order to save the friendship, something's got to change. It just isn't what Jane expected it would be...

Relatable and funny, with energetic prose and a style that keeps the pages turning, Helen J. Darling offers a fresh voice in women's fiction.

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Quick read4 star

Enjoyable read. I finished it pretty quickly but it left me interested in more. Quickly purchased the second book. Just the kind of book I needed right now!45


Great read !5 star

This book was very eloquently written, descriptive as well as intriguing. Recommend to a few of my girlfriends already!55

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