Just Dance

Just Dance Summary

Mia is a great dancer...in her room. Can she find the courage to go out in public and just dance?
(Short story)

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Amazing5 star

I literally loved this book and y’all should read it ASAP55


Amazing5 star

I love this book.55


Just Dance5 star

A sweet short story, well written.55

The master pianist

Amazing5 star

Ok its me again the nobody ok i really want to find out what happens to Mia and the boy with the intense blue eyes u should really write more plz it was amazing like i just keep saying i really want to find out so plz write more sighed nobody55


A-MAZIMG🙈5 star

Best Book Ever 👌🏾55


Just Dance5 star

Honestly u should add more to the story it is a very good book and it is very interesting55

Ben Armicron

Good story4 star

Good story! Completely conveys all the emotions the young girl is feeling every step of the way. Reminds me exactly of learning to dance and the surprise when I was finally good enough to clear a floor. Can't wait to see what's next!45

Like sims 4

Very short but a good story5 star

Just Dance is a good book the character Mia is a nervous wreck. About dancing but........! You need to read the story it is free. This review is your sample so get you book NOW!!!!!55


EWWWW1 star

I am a dancer and this was just STUPID wish I can give 0stars15

Kairi a. D.

Just Dance5 star

Probably my favorite one so far! I wish they were longer though):55

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