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Patrick Lahm is down on his luck. Late for his book signing, out of gas and stuck in a storm. He hitches a ride to the Kurtain Motel where he is forced to spend the night. The small motel seems harmless enough at first, but as the night drags on, Patrick and the other guests slowly begin to realize there is a lot more to their temporary lodging than meets the eye.

Something evil is at work at the Kurtain Motel; something that creeps into the deepest, darkest corners of your mind and tugs at the chords of sanity until they finally break. On the longest night of his life, Patrick soon finds out that there is a reason why skeletons are kept in closets. He realizes that your sins always find a way to catch up with you, no matter how hard you try to run.

Welcome to the Kurtain Motel, where all your nightmares come true.

Book Reviews


Worth the read4 star

Great writing, plot was cool.45


Just ok3 star

So many questions that didn’t get answered then it just ended. I don’t see a book 2. I’ll pass.35


Enjoyable5 star

I enjoyed it. I wish we got more background on some of the characters and how the preface connects but overall it was nice. Hopefully book 2 gives more details55


Great Haunt5 star

Story was well written and did a good job with the characters and their development. Enjoyed the setting he described and how he laid the story out. Overall a really good haunted motel novel.55



The Kurtain motel was a wild ride! First time in a REALLY long time I was so enthralled-I couldn’t stop! I read the book all the way through! Putting it down for only he most important of tasks lol! Al Nassier has an amazing style of writing-I love it! He gives me a great depiction without the tedious details that get so tiresome and wash away. This book started like the crack of a gun and never slowed down! At some points I THOUGHT I knew what was going to transpire, however Al Nassier keeps you guessing!! I love this book, I love this new author. I definitely recommend him and I be purchasing and reading the next installment as well as his work with the Scare Street (I believe is the name). Thank you!55


Good story4 star

The story started out slow but after a third into the book it started getting really interesting and ended up being really good. Can’t wait to start reading the next book.45


Curtain motel5 star

This was an excellent book. It was well written, and I absolutely recommend this book. I also read the series, and it definitely is a really good series.55


Kurtain Motel5 star

Really enjoyed the book. Sort of creepy at times but keeps your guessing as to what will happy next. Wondering if the next book will tell you if they really make it?55


Nice work5 star

Loved it.totally unique and I can’t wait to read the next55

Kaleigh's awesome

Great5 star

It was really great. I really wanted to know what was coming next. Guess I’ll have to go get the other two books in the series to understand more. Thanks was very good55

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