Little Women

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While their father is away at war, the four March sisters try their best to maintain life in their New England home. Fifteen-year-old Jo, modeled after author Louisa May Alcott, is a bit of a tomboy, tends to get in trouble, and loves writing. The oldest, Meg, works as a governess and puts herself in charge in the absence of their parents. The kind and charitable Beth loves music and being a caretaker. The youngest, Amy, is slightly spoiled and frustrated by being treated as the youngest.
Alcott gives us a realistic account of the girl’s lives – the ups and downs, tragedies and triumphs, successes and failures. It’s long remained one of the most relatable and appealing works of American literature.

Book Reviews


Sweet Book5 star

Reminds me so much of my little women… this is a charming book, there is a lot about Jo and at times I wished there was more about her sisters, but nonetheless, this is a touching and beautiful story 🤍55


Loved this book5 star

For years I avoided this book because of the title. But I enjoyed it thoroughly. It is a view of days long ago which discusses the trials of life in each stage of life and offers hope to those who believe in their dreams and aspirations.55


So sad but I loved it 😭3 star

This book is an incredible story and it is so sad but so wholesome. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who wants to cry while reading this.35


.5 star

All y’all have to say is, “I loved it” rather you like it or not55


Little women5 star

Such a wonderful full classic with true lessons of love, morality, and the crucible of Life that purifies each soul set on God.55

jjlish paige

Super good!5 star

I read this book for a book report, it was a little long, but really informative. It’s a classic, so it was really good! My mom read a smaller book and we talked about the book. In her book, the detail wasn’t really there. Compare the 2 books together one is obviously more detailed and an overall better book. So 5 stars!55


A spectacle of timeless themes5 star

This book was amazing from Alcott’s timeless and beautiful writing to the story of these four iconic and beloved girls. The book is their story through their childhood to their adulthood and is so nostalgic towards the end. I cried so many times, and even the ending made me think for hours and hours of the meaning behind the Genius who wrote Little Women. You won’t regret it and I urge you to read it even if you are unsatisfied at some moments, for it has everything and teaches the most valuable lessons without being in your face about it. There’s a reason it is such a timeless classic and watching Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy explore what it means to be content, happy, Rich, successful, or in love is a lesson for us as they discover how different it means to them as well.55

Greek Gods Lover

Still a classic5 star

This classic is so good! I LOVE IT!!!! Though, it is sad when one of the sisters dies, I not telling who. YOU NEED TO READ THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!55

Kiki Shadows

excellent5 star

along though it is very long it is filled with so many good lessons that can still be applied to our lives. i don’t feel like i wasted my time reading :)55

lover of little women

Little woman love it5 star

I love little woman is a good classic book55

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