Little women

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Little women, Louisa May Alcott. Revised version of . Original online public domain version published by New Wave Publishers, Portland, U.S.A. Downloaded from the InterNet Wiretap anonymous ftp server ( in July 1993. First printed edition published in 1869. .

Book Reviews

the old Mr Hide

Great5 star

I love it55


Little Women5 star

This is one of the most charming and well-written classics I have ever read.55

Sweet like honey

Finally!5 star

Awesome book. Very inspiring to me. Finally read it. Way better late than never.55


Little Women5 star

Wonderful story, kept me wanting to know what was going to happen to the girls next.55

Stitch and rip

Little Women5 star

Wonderful story to read again when you are older. I read the entire book on my iPhone.55



While this is one of the best stories ever read, written, and published, I am ashamed at how poorly translated it was! There are grammatical errors on EVERY PAGE, as well as spelling typos, lack of punctuation, whole sentences grouped into three very long words, etc. This story was NOT done justice in this edition, and unfortunately, in taking the time (several seconds to up to 5 minutes) to untangle the messes on each page, the story suffered!! This should be removed and rewritten for proper editing!55


Little Women4 star

Book contained many typos but was still readable.45


Classic5 star

Definitely worth the time it takes to read. A touching, classic piece of literature that can only hope to continue carrying on through the generations.55


Little Women is a lifelong keeper!5 star

I have loved this book my whole life!!55


Misspelling is on purpose.4 star

I believe this is a text book for college students to edit. So the misspelled words are supposed to be in there....45

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