Main Street

Main Street Summary

Carol Milford is a liberal, free-spirited young woman, reared in the metropolis of Saint Paul, Minnesota. She marries Will Kennicott, a doctor, who is a small-town boy at heart.

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Main Street5 star

Taking a break from the current election process and news I picked up Sinclair Lewis' classic "Main Street". I found that the 1920s human interaction and issues are very similar to today's drama that could be called "Facebook". Reading this book helped lighten my sense of doom that was gathering about America's future. The struggle of keeping our eyes open to change and not accepting "that's the way it is" lives deliciously on.55


Mainstreet review5 star

This book has as much dialog as narrative. The ideas explored and human struggle were written with true mastery and deep understanding of not only men but also, surprisingly, women.55


Well Written Painful For Me To Read4 star

Very well written. I can see why it caused such a fuss in the author's home town. For two years of my adult life I lived in a small prairie town in Iowa and believe me I can completely sympathize with Carol, although I know she is naive and to self centered.45

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