Martin Luther's 95 Theses

Martin Luther's 95 Theses Summary

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Nate A.B.

Great Work5 star

God mightily used this great work of Martin Luther to start the Protestant Reformation which has given us our religious liberty and caused the Catholic Church to lose its grip on the world.55


Stand!5 star

Whether popular or not was of no concern to Martin Luther when he committed to hanging his theses! More important than popularity was his stance and beliefs and stand he did.55


Must read5 star



95 reasons5 star

This definitely worth the time to get acquainted with Church history. Martin Luther made a tremendous collection of biblical and factual truths that still to this day ring true. Again I say to those that have a heart for learning about why you must take the Word of God for the truth, then this is the read for you.55



Martin Luther was a brave man who stood up for his beliefs, whether people agreed with him or not. That takes great characters of a truly, honest man.55

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