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In his first battle with the great white whale, Captain Ahab lost his leg. Living with the constant reminder of his failure, Ahab gathers a second expedition, with the singular purpose of hunting and killing the beast that crippled him. Told from the perspective of crew-member Ishmael, the hunt for Moby Dick leads the crew ever further from civilization and deeper into the madness of their vengeful captain. At once a rousing adventure, a thorough examination of the whaling industry, and a dramatic tragedy on par with Shakespeare and the Greek playwrights, Moby Dick is the ultimate American literary epic.

Book Reviews

the old Mr Hide

Be serious1 star

So bad15


Wish zero stars was an option...1 star

The story was enjoyable but the book is full of nonsense ramblings that have nothing to do with the adventure. If everything that had nothing to do with the story was edited out it would be about two thirds smaller. Don’t waste your time.15


This book this too long1 star

Why is this too long15


About a dick5 star


Advanced Placement Literature

Moby Dick, the odds compared evenly5 star

From an analytical standpoint, Moby Dick is one of the most interesting books to read from its sheer complicity of the dialect, to the understandable and compassionate sailor, Ishmeal. Overall, Moby Dick is great, but long and tedious. Don't pick it for short term reading, but it's great for long term 😌👊55


A classic for a reason5 star

Be not afraid of this undertaking landlubber. Learn of the reasons that man has obsessions of revenge, obsessions with the sea, the economics of spermaceti, and a literary attempt at everything in-between. On your way to understanding the difference between the mizenmast and the skysail, sword-mats and eye splices, ambergris and brit, you will be thrilled with he hunt, the chase, and a 19th century review of everything known about the leviathans of the deep. What kind of genius was Melville--who could possibly create such a present day tome!? Maybe you. Read and be inspired. Shed a tear for the Parsee, the Captain of the Rachel, Starbuck, Stubb, the daring harpooners, and for Ishmael.55

Love summer6293

Boring2 star

This is a very boring book. Do not read.25

Humza khan

Fishy5 star

it smells like fish. But still very fascinating55


Urghh..1 star

Before y’all yell at me for complaining about a mandatory English class read, I actually wanted to read this book. However, it was the most boring book I have ever read. And I mainly had to read the action chapters, not even the meandering informational chapters. Moby Dick is a classic and I do feel that people should at least read parts of this epic in order to have an understanding of it. That being said, I don’t recommend it for enjoyment. As a possible English major, I pray that I won’t have to read this again in college.15


How does one judge the most important book written in the English language?5 star

My mind cries for anyone rating Moby Dick as less than perfect. If you didn't like it, you didn't read it. Keep it near by and read it later when you're more able.55

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