O Pioneers!

O Pioneers! Summary

Alexandra Bergson inherits the family farm after her father's death. Scorched by wind and sun, Alexandra spends most of her young life making the land financially stable and successful. As the years pass, Alexandra begins to realize how much she has sacrificed to help the farm thrive. And as her neighboring settlers pack and leave, the prairie begins to look less like a land of opportunity and more like a wasteland. Cather's novel is a highly influential masterpiece that explores feminism, realism, isolation, forbidden romance, and regret.

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Great historical fiction5 star

Even after a century has passed, Cather takes her readers back to the sun-kissed Nebraska wheat fields where we smell the hay and feel the emotions of life that never seems to change.55


O Pioneers!5 star

Beautifully written bittersweet tale of early Swedish, "Bohemian" and French settlers of the upper Midwest. Classic Cather. Reminds me of a Greek play.55


Awesome5 star

A step back in time to learn how America was built. Made great.55

Amy’s Mac

Missed the plot...2 star

My 14 year old daughter's book club decided to read some of the classics. I thought this might be a good one to start with due to its short length. It is pretty marginal in content and I'm not sure what the point or plot was. Took me 3 months to read it because I never could get excited about it. There were always more interesting things to read. In fact, the only reason I bothered finishing is because I hate to leave books unfinished. It was simply a matter of principle that made me finish.25

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