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New Testament in Danish1 star

I only rated it a star because I couldn’t submit the info otherwise. I could have rated it 5 stars, I dunno; I can’t read it. Title info when I downloaded it made no mention of the fact.15

Ea people!!!!

.5 star

Jeg kender ikke dansk, og jeg ved, at du sikkert ikke enten medmindre du har besluttet at oversætte dette, og hvis du gjorde det gode arbejd55


Disgraceful. It really is fiction when you change it1 star



Fiction is where this belongs1 star

Lets get real people. It is fiction. Its also 2016. Organized religion & belief in an all powerful "god" is the most ridiculous idea ever thought of by man. Not to mention the oppression & wars its caused. Someday religion will be a long forgotten thing of the past & we'll all look back & see how ridiculous it was & wonder "what in the world were we thinking"15

Allison sievert

Non fiction1 star

The bible is not fiction. Ever.15


Worst at it's worst 😊1 star

It's in Danish and I can't read "DANISH"!!!😑 The worst download ever in my life!15


Not fiction1 star



This is most definitely fiction1 star

It's so funny to believe actual people think that an intangible spirit wrote this thing, as if a spirit could have hands. Anyway, read this if you want to feed yourself lies.15


Outdated and inaccurate1 star

This book inaccurately tells the story about what apparently happened to Jesus approximately 70 years after he died. The original Dead Sea scrolls were written by prophets and some of the prophets were women. Constantine and a few other white Europeans came along and adapted this book into what it is now according to what THEY wanted in it which unfortunately every story was written by a heterosexual male. They also gave the characters European names in opposed to the original Hebrew names then appropriated the culture of the middle eastern/Africans that originally formed the idea and stories of Christianity. People take this book too literally in order to get an excuse to oppress others.15


😓Disappointing1 star

I haven't even downloaded this app, all I had to do was read the description. It is SO insulting that they put a religious book, much less THE BIBLE in the "fiction" category. And really? They couldn't make it English? It's in Danish! Nothing against Danish-speakers, but Danish isn't the most popular language. Don't waste your time, people. Download another book or app that has the Bible, or read it on paper (which is, in my opinion, much better). 😓 Again, disappointed and insulted.15

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