The Groundskeeper

The Groundskeeper Summary

"Loved this book. It was so cleverly written and the story felt so real. So many twists and turns that it will literally leave you on the edge of your seat."- Reader

Is six feet deep really deep enough?

Jason Davis thought he had an ordinary job, but this one nearly cost him his life!

"I'm tellin' you now, this is gonna sound really strange. That's why I didn't see no sense in speakin' a word of it. And you might, after hearin' me out, decide you gonna slap them cuffs right back on me, but at least this weight'll be off my shoulders and if I'm put away, I'll be put away with a clear conscience."

Mira Cullen is drawn into a mystery that has investigators stumped. Although it is not usual practice for them to seek the expertise of a psychic, the Police Department is not left with much of a choice.

What is ultimately uncovered will shock all of those connected to the case and expose something so sinister, it's bound to rock the community for ages to come.

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Book 2 - Cornelius' Revenge
Book 3 - CARA (#1 bestseller)
Book 4 - We See No Evil
Book 5 - THE CONTRACT: Murder in The Bahamas
Book 6 - The Lost Children of Atlantis
Book 7 - Death of an Angel
Book 8 - The Groundskeeper
Book 9 - CARA: The Beginning - MATILDA'S STORY
Book 10 - The Disappearing House
Book 11 - Wicked Little Saints
Book 12 - A Faint Whisper
Book 13 - 'Til Death Do Us Part

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