The Island House

The Island House Summary

Charlotte Madsen's whole world came crashing down six months ago with the words, "I met someone else."

Thirty-seven, recently divorced, and childless. That's Charlotte when she disembarks from the plane in Getaway Bay. She wants to get away, that's for sure. She thought the best way to do that was to buy a run-down house overlooking the bay, knowing she'll need all her fixer-upper skills to get it in shape. Which is just fine. She's hoping as she overhauls the house, she'll get a life makeover too.

She was not expecting a tall, handsome man to be under the kitchen sink when she arrives at the supposedly abandoned house. She wasn't expecting to get drenched when the non-plumber twists something the wrong way. And she certainly wasn't expecting her heart to be well enough to feel anything for anyone.

But former Air Force pilot, Dawson Dane, has a charming devil-may-care personality, and Charlotte could use some carefree laughter in her life. But everything with Dawson isn't sunshine and unicorns. He's estranged from his family, though he does speak to one of his brothers. And he's never committed to anything except his career, even choosing flying over an engagement years ago.

Can Charlotte navigate the healing process as she renovates the island house? Can Dawson finally make a commitment to a woman? Or will he and Charlotte decide a relationship is just too hard?

Book Reviews

bake bake bake

Great book5 star

Nice, clean, and interesting! Very very good.55


Awesome!!5 star

If you guys want a piece of readings that is absolutely charming and romantic for a couple of cozy evenings with a glass of a spotless wine - well, that’s the one!55

martha blue

The Island House5 star

Truly enjoyed the romance!55


Good Book4 star

It was a good book but it skipped through a lot of things. Was a lot of explaining during short events just to keep the book going. would like more events to take place45


The Island House5 star

This was the sweetest story. I enjoyed every minute of it.55


The Island House4 star

I like the authors style of writing ,it held my interest in the first chapter and wanted to get back to reading.45


Romance in Hawaii5 star

What could be more romantic than falling in love with a handsome stranger in Hawaii? They meet at an inopportune time but love waits for no one! They both have baggage that they bring to the relationship which almost causes them to go their separate ways. A must read! Loved it!55


Love a good romance novel!!4 star

I really enjoyed this book. It was really sweet and a good read!45


Sweet and simple5 star

Read this in two days. Loved the characters and the simple story line.55

Best ever can't get enough

The Island house5 star

I loved this book couldn’t put it down its a great story!55

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