What She Inherits

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Writer's Digest 25th Annual Self-Published Book Awards Honorable Mention

Recognized on ReadFreely’s Best Indie Books of 2017 Shortlist

When Angela Ellis returns to her childhood home on St. Nabor Island, South Carolina, her junior year of college interrupted indefinitely by her mother’s death, she doesn’t know how she’ll ever be able to function in the world without her mother’s love, support, and guidance. Soon after her mother’s funeral, strange sounds begin to trouble her in the night, sounds she swears are her mother's angry voice. In an effort to find peace for herself and for her mother’s restless spirit, Angela begins a ghost hunt that makes her friends fear for her sanity and that leads her to more questions than answers. Her parents, it turns out, were extraordinary secret keepers, and now Angela is on her own to discover the truth.
One thousand miles away on Devil’s Back Island, Casey Seaver has built a sweet life for herself hidden away from the rest of the world in Maine’s Casco Bay. She runs a small café and keeps to herself, rarely visiting the mainland. When a posthumous letter arrives from her estranged mother, old memories and new problems interrupt her island idyll. For twenty years she has been trying to forget the mistakes and injustices of her youth, and she has nearly convinced herself she has succeeded, but her mother’s words shatter that illusion. As she tries ignore her mother’s dying wishes, a stranger arrives on the island, looking to bring Devil’s Back into the twenty-first century at last. If he has his way, Casey’s island haven will be a refuge no more.
As plans for a new resort on Devil’s Back spur Casey to move her life forward, Angela’s ghost investigation forces her to examine the past. Fate has put their lives on a collision course, and through each other, they will find the way through their grief.

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What she inherits4 star

Good story. Being a teen mom and giving my baby up for adoption made me identify with Casey. My circumstances were different but I know all the emotions. I’m happy to say I reconnected with my daughter 30 years ago. Thank you. G45


What She Inherits5 star

Loved the book. A lot of ups and downs and some tissues needed. Sorry it ended! Will have to check out your other books. Thank you!55


What She Inherits5 star

A beautiful journey of finding lost family and new love.55


What She Inherits1 star

Predictable from the second chapter. Maybe okay if you're wanting to believe ghosts and communicating with the dead is real.15


Lots of surprises!4 star

The beginning of this book dragged for me. It didn’t make sense and was jumping back and forth from Maine to South Carolina. Eventually it all became clear. Then I was satisfied completely!45





Fast read5 star

Once I started this book, I read it in a day! I love how the chapters go from one character’s story to the other’s. I thought I had it all figured out, and then was surprised that I hadn’t. The author takes you on an adventure and makes the characters people you root for, and invest in. Overall, a fun read with lots of twists and turns to the very end.55

see rand

What she inherits4 star

Good development of characters. Nice pace of surprises. Would love to read the next in the series for certain. A little tweaking with editing would enhance this book very nicely. I would recommend to read for those that love family dynamic novels. It has a bit of romance but overly explicit, something I appreciate. Lots of questions to be answered still45


What she inherits5 star

When I first started reading this book I was confused. I didn't get why there was two stories going on that didn't seem connected to each other. I have never read a book like this before. Great job!55


What She Inherits4 star

An enjoyable, fun read. Two simple stories that come together as expected. You know how it's going to end but you want to keep reading it just for the fun of it.45

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